Puppy Training Classes at home

Bringing a new puppy into your life is an incredibly exciting experience. It can also be a big change for you and your lifestyle as you re-adjust to life with a dog.  That’s why engaging a professional puppy trainer is an important support for the early days and for the future.

SWALKIES puppy training services helps you to develop your puppy into a well-balanced, obedient and happy dog to fit into your human world. Ultimately, SWALKIES' aim is to help you and your puppy to live happily together from puppyhood through to adolescence and beyond.

We offer puppy training as one to one sessions in your home. This will provide you and your puppy with basic obedience, which will allow you to keep your puppy safe and happy in the various real life situations you will encounter. 

We also advise you on any areas that may be causing you worry or frustration with your new puppy, for example:

  1. House training a puppy

  2. Crate training a puppy

  3. Puppy biting

  4. Attention seeking barking

  5. Implementing a routine

  6. Avoiding separation anxiety

Puppy Training Services

Session Prices

There is a minimum booking of 3x 1 hour sessions to learn the basic elements of puppy training. All packages must be scheduled within 3 months of purchase.

3 sessions - £240 (save £15)
4 sessions - £320 (save £20)
5 sessions - £375 (save £50)
6 sessions - £440 (save £70)

Individual Sessions

Further 1-2-1 sessions can be booked at £85 per hour