Positive dog training

The SWALKIES approach to professional puppy training and professional dog training is to use positive and reward based methodology.  Our approach is to be kind and effective in equal measures, and treat every dog as an individual.  We also make sure everyone involved has fun while training!

Our use of modern, science-based techniques are proven. What we do is understand and work with the individual nature and personality of each individual dog.

During our sessions and classes, we place emphasis on ensuring that the humans in the dog/owner partnership are shown skills to continue training throughout the dog’s life. It’s important we equip you with these skills and that you see for yourself why we teach exercises the way that we do. Practice makes perfect!

SWALKIES starts with SWALK for a very good reason!  Sealed With A Loving Kiss is embedded into our name because we love dogs - and we know you love your dog too.

Working on maintaining training, or teaching your dog new things will only ever make your bond stronger, and it is people that love their dogs who we want to work with.