Dog Training Classes at home

Many dog owners simply put up with a problem that occurs with their dog’s behaviour or their dog’s obedience, rather than seeking professional help. This is often in the hope that the unwanted behaviour will get better over time, or owners just not knowing where to turn.  We’ve heard many 'creative' avoidance strategies from clients with dogs which really interfere with family life!

Having a dog that displays unwanted behaviour or disobedience takes some of the fun out of dog ownership - and makes life equally miserable for your dog. 

We’re here to help with dog training classes at your home. 

SWALKIES will work with you and your dog to identify the cause (or the change) of your dog’s obedience or behaviour and set out a programme to rectify the problem permanently. 

Here’s a list of a few of the common problems that you may be experiencing with your dog: 

  1. Pulling on the lead

  2. Jumping up at people

  3. Separation anxiety

  4. Not coming back to you when taken off the lead

  5. Not knowing how to play with toys

  6. Scavenging in the park

  7. Unwilling to drop items

Session Prices

3 sessions - £240 (save £15)
4 sessions - £320 (save £20)
5 sessions - £375 (save £50)
6 sessions - £440 (save £70)

All packages must be scheduled within 3 months of purchase.

Individual Sessions

Further 1-2-1 sessions can be booked at £85 per hour

If you are experiencing a more serious behavioural problem with your dog, please visit our Dog Behaviour Consultation page.  Or please call us to discuss the problem.