Dogs Behavioural Consultation

Do you already own a dog that has picked up bad habits or perhaps is displaying worrying behaviour?  We’re here to provide guidance. 

It is a difficult situation to manage when your dog displays unwanted behaviours that you are unsure how to tackle.  Situations can lead to nervousness and fear on both sides of the dog/human relationship. 

In order to resolve the unwanted behaviour, please speak to us about your specific situation so we can address it.

Here’s a list of a few of the problems that you may be experiencing with your dog: 

  1. Dog-dog reactivity and/or aggression
  2. Dog-human reactivity and/or aggression
  3. Aggression on the lead
  4. Excessive biting and chewing
  5. Issues with jumping up
  6. House Training Issues
  7. Excessive barking
  8. Growling
  9. Separation anxiety (being left alone, or a particular person leaving the dog)
  10. Stealing
  11. Unable to travel in the car
  12. Introductions to babies/small children
  13. Introductions to cats/other pets
  14. Running away

Behavioural Consultation

Behavioural Consultations require a minimum of 4.5 hours - £400

This includes a 1.5 hour Assessment Session and 3 x 1 hour sessions

Individual Sessions

Further 1-2-1 sessions can be booked at £110 per hour, if required.