About Siobhan Harvey

Professional dog trainer and behaviourist

Hi there, my name is Siobhan Harvey, I’m the founder of SWALKIES. As you read through my website you’ll see that I Absolutely Love Dogs. 

The love started at an early age.  I was brought up with dogs and I’ve been a dog owner throughout my life. I have always been fascinated by dogs and wanted to study what made dogs happy and at ease with humans - and the other animals around them.

I absolutely love what I do because I am able to work with people that love their dogs. Puppy training and dog training is the foundation of the relationship between a dog and a human family.  Training dogs and seeing this bond flourish is the most rewarding thing I could imagine doing.

Behaviourist Training

I was extremely fortunate to have been selected and trained by two of the leading dog behaviourists and trainers in the world, Sarah Whitehead (International Lecturer and Pet Behaviour Counsellor) and Gwen Bailey (Owner of the nationally recognised Puppy School). I regularly attend seminars and conferences to hear other internationally recognised expert trainers and behaviourists - such as Chirag Patel and Linda Case. 

Additional training for 2018

  • CPD seminars and conferences with Sarah Whitehead
  • Woof! Conference 2018
  • Susan Friedman - Living and Learning with Animals (LLA)






I am originally from rural Berkshire. I’ve grown up with dogs, cats and horses – and my first memory at the age of two was collecting my first dog 'Max’ from the breeders. Max was a stunning Golden Retriever, the best friend a girl could ever have!